The Bear Bread Bakery & Kitchen

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The Bear Bread Bakery & Kitchen

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Bear and Covid

Bear House, Dolphin Street, Colyton, Devon, EX24 6NA


Risk Assessment COVID 19

We are looking forward to having you stay with us.

We have completed a Risk Assessment following Government and UK Hospitality guidelines and these will be monitored and changed as necessary.

·       Face Coverings must be worn in all public areas – this is a legal requirement.

·       You will need to scan the NHS track and trace qr code on arrival, if you do not have this app on your phone we will need to take address and contact details, this will be held securely for 21 days – this is a legal requirement.

·       Bedroom windows may be open when you arrive, to increase ventilation.

Below is a summary detailing how we will keep Bear House Safe and Clean.

1.     Number of operational guest rooms, 2.

2.     Sanitiser will be available at the entrance / exit of Bear House.

3.     We would ask guests to kindly bring their own sanitiser so they can take it with them on outings during the day.

4.     We also ask guests to bring face masks, these will be needed whilst in our public areas and if visiting pubs, shops etc.

5.     We will remind guests of social distancing guidelines while staying with us and also when in the local community.

6.     All high contact areas will be sanitised regularly eg door handles, hand rails (see under following headings for further high contact points).

1.     On arrival please scan the NHS track and trace qr code. If you do not have this app on your phone we will need to take contact details which will be kept securely for 21 days (should the need arise to get in touch in relation to “Track and Trace”).

2.     We will be maintaining a minimum of 1 metre social distance when you arrive.

3.     Check in procedures will follow government guidelines and social distancing.

4.     We would encourage guests to take their own luggage to their allocated bedroom however if you feel you cannot manage this please let us know and we will do our best to help.

1.     All bedrooms will be fully cleaned and sanitised before occupancy paying attention to all safety guidelines. We will wear gloves / face masks to clean rooms.

2.     All high contact areas will be sanitised eg door handles, light switches, bedside tables, lamps, remote controls, flush handles and seats, coffee machine and wardrobe doors.

3.     To minimise contact we would kindly ask guests to make their beds and keep toiletries in washbags, so when we are in the room we touch as little as possible.

4.     We will not be cleaning the rooms, replacing towels or bedlinen daily. Please let us know if you require your bedding changed, or replacement towels etc.

5.     We will supply hand soap and sanitizer in each room, but will not be providing shampoo or shower gel.

6.     Guest information books, throws and any non-essential items will be removed from the rooms.

7.     A simple laminated sheet will be in each bedroom with wi-fi details, fire evacuation procedure etc. We would also ask you to open windows (weather permitting) when you vacate your rooms or are out for the day.

1.     Breakfast will be served in the Bakery each morning.

2.     Breakfast tables will be spaced at least 1 metre apart.

3.     The Bakery Cafe / Kitchen is open to bakery customers on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays from 9.00am. The tables will be at least 1 metre apart from the general public when they are in the Bakery.

1. Payment can be taken from a debit / credit card.

Health of Guests and Hosts
1.     Please do not travel if you feel unwell OR have Covid-19 symptoms.

2.     If you have a booking and feel unwell or have Covid-19 symptoms (fever / high temperature, persistent cough or loss of taste or smell) ahead of your stay we can always move your booking to a future date while you seek medical advice or self- isolation.

3.     If you develop symptoms during your stay, we will ask that you inform us and that you immediately travel home to self-isolate and seek medical advice.


If you have any concerns or questions, please do let us know and we will do our best to help. Thank you for your understanding at this difficult time.

Keep safe and well

Colin, Sharon & Radar the Bakery Dog

T 07941 275 387 or email

Bear House / Bear Bread Bakery & Kitchen Dolphin Street

Colyton Devon EX24 6NA